Safe Room Studios

During the 2 year design and build, every aspect of the acoustics were calculated, computer simulated, tested, honed, retested and amended countless times before the builders were even allowed to pour the concrete for the two massive isolated floor slabs.

Each stage of the construction was closely monitored, any part of the sophisticated isolated room assembly's that didn't meet Nick’s exacting standards, were ripped out and started again.

Once the separately isolated control room and live room had been built, the testing started again. In the extremely complicated scientific field of acoustics, mathematics, theory and computer simulation can only take you so far.

Acoustic treatment testing began, 3 gigantic bass traps were built in the corners of the live room, diffusers and broadband acoustic absorption panels were added.

Broadband acoustic absorption panels were carefully situated in the control room and two custom designed bass traps were built that were designed by Nick to be disguised and also used as comfortable leather seating for up to 6 artists.

More testing, tweaking, repositioning and weeks of staring at data and graphs, and countless hours of critical listening to reference material.

We were pleasantly surprised to find both rooms exceeded our expectations, the control room was flat and spectacularly consistent and the live room musical and forgiving.

The first few records recorded in the newly built Safe Room Studios left Nick and the artists grinning for weeks. Of course he had recorded in some legendary studios, but nothing had prepared him for this, “All you had to do is push the faders up and it sounded great, I have never EQ’ed so little in my life! I have heard so many big name producers go on about how critical acoustically designed rooms are, but wow… Hearing it with my own ears is a revelation, the rooms are the single most influential piece of studio equipment I own.”

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