Safe Room Studios

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Find Us

Safe Room Studios is very easy to get to if you are using a Sat Nav. The coordinates 52.0009509, -4.2332265 will work far better than the post code. (SA39 9AX if you fancy a challange)


From Camarthen

It's one road (A485) from Camarthen. Couldn't be simpler.


From Cardiff International Airport

We can offer free transfers to and from Cardiff airport on any session over 5 days


From London

If you can actually get out of the M25 orbital car park unscathed, you can get to SRS very quickly, it’s an easy, straight journey. Drive straight on the M4 until it changes into the A48 as you get to Carmarthen, turn right onto the A485 and follow it until you arrive at the studio.


From 'The North'

If you’re a band from the north, chances are you regularly work your asses off touring the entire country playing tons of shows just to break even, so you don’t need my help finding something as easy to get to as Safe Room Studios. But just in case you had to pawn your satnav or your singer is from London and insists on doing the navigating because he can’t be assed to pass his driving test. Here is a map from Manchester. (If you are a band from the south reading this, Manchester is a city outside of the M25)

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