Safe Room Studios

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Live Room

Recording albums for record companies and bands is the cornerstone of why Safe Room Studios was designed and built.

During the 2 year design and build, every aspect of the acoustics were calculated, computer simulated, tested, honed, retested and amended countless times before the builders were even allowed to pour the concrete for the two massive isolated floor slabs.

Each stage of the construction was closely monitored, any part of the extremely complicated isolated room assembly's that didn't meet Nick’s exacting standards, were ripped out and started again.

Nick has been recording bands for record companies since 2004 and in that time has had over 92 worldwide releases.

This studio was the culmination of all that experience, making somewhere that is not only a pleasant and relaxing space to record in, but an uber efficient one as well. With albums taking sometimes less than half the time to record than they used to in other studios.

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